Magic - Double Prong Clips


Double Prong Clips - 80 Count Clips

  • Size: 80 Clips per Package
  • Material: made of plated metal with smooth surface, resistant to rust, and durable for long term application
  • Clips feature: 2 prongs for a durable grip, round, double prongs allow clip to glide through hair easily
  • Can be applied to secure rollers in hair
  • Suggested Usage: Lift a small section of hair perpendicular from the scalp. Open the Clip and slide it at the base of the scalp where it meets the roots. Keep the hair tight and the clip close to the scalp. Use 6-8 clips for lift to the front of the hair and the crown. Let hair dry completely before removing.
  • Provide optimum hold
  • Provide maximum root lift with a wider and longer size than normal clips
  • Especially designed for curly hair



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