Grace Eleyae - Black Slap | Satin-Lined Cap

Grace Eleyae

  • Protect your hairstyle while you sleep
  • Keep your curls moisturized overnight
  • The perfect beanie for your curls
  • Size good for short or long hair, even voluminous curls and dreadlocks 
  • The perfect gift for the curly person in your life

Our classic black Slap (Satin-Lined Cap)® is the protection you need to combat that morning bedhead and those pesky tangles.

   Hair Protection

  • The satin lining on the inside will help you retain, regain and maintain moisture throughout your head. 
  • Unlike cotton, satin provides a moisture retaining atmosphere eliminating excess breakage and hair loss.

Protect in style

  • Keep it discreet, this cap has the look of a traditional beanie, so you can condition on the go without raising the slightest suspicion.
  • With a multitude of colors, you'll be able to cap off any look with your favorite Slap (Satin-Lined Cap)®
  • Make bad hair days a thing of the past, if your hair is not working for you, the Slap (Satin-Lined Cap)® has you covered

Save time

  • It stays on! The elastic band assures that it will stay on all night, so no more waking up throughout the night searching for your bonnet.
  • If your hair hasn't finished drying and you're short on time, put on this cap and allow it to dry thoroughly.
  • Whether it's braids, a twist out, or a blowout this satin protection allows you to keep your hairstyles longer.
  • The stylish look assures you can seamlessly protect your hair on the go and conquer those last minute errands. (i.e. going to the store, picking the kids up from school, dropping them off, etc.)
  • Running short on time but not quite done with your hair? No problem! Just tuck it into this cap and when you find the time simply pick up where you left off.

Get rid of bad hair days. Stop worrying about breakage. Love your hair and give it the best environment to let it work for you.



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