Evolve - Go Satin Pillowcase

Evolve - Firstline Brands

The Evolve® satin pillowcases is a fashion conscious decision for the girl that chooses to sleep cap-less and pretty. Our satin pillowcases are non-abrasive, do not draw moisture and protects the hair while maintaining the hair's natural oils. Available in fuchsia and purple with a zipper closure.

Care and Maintenance:

Our Go Satin Pillowcase will help retain your beauty longer if washed separately from rough fabrics. If ironing, turn inside out and iron on low heat. To remove stains, simply soak it in cool water and launder. Do not toss pillowcase into dryer until you are sure it is clean, as heat can set stains. Makeup may stain satin, so wash makeup off face before using your Go Satin Pillowcase.

Package Contains:

1 standard pillowcase 53.3 cm x 81.3 cm (21 in. x 32 in.)



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