Curly Hair Solutions - Quick-Dry Styling Gloves

Curly Hair Solutions

Hand Dry Hair Glove

- Super micro absorbent
- Easy to clean
- Soft and gentle on the hair
- Speeds up drying time

Speeds up drying time while prepping curls.

The Quick-Dry Styling Glove is curly hair innovation at it's best!   A simple and effective solution that dries hair quickly AND helps to define curls! 

  • Made of a super-absorbent microfiber that holds 20x more than a regular cotton towel
  • Drastically reduces drying time
  • Helps to define ringlets by making it easy to squeeze wet curls into formation
  • Lightweight replacement for heavy towels that can pull and tug on hair
  • Great compact solution for vacations, gym, or post-swim hair care
  • Easy to clean 
  • Two gloves per pack

*No returns on Quick-Dry Styling Gloves*


While hair is still wet and you have achieved your desired ringlet formation using Curl Keeper® Styling Products, use the Glove to gently squeeze  hair towards the scalp. Excess water is absorbed by the Glove which will allow your hair to dry faster. The longer you use the Glove, the drier your hair will become.  After using, simply ring out excess water (if necessary) out of gloves and hang to dry until next use.  Can be hand or machine washed.


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