ApHogee - Hair Strengthening Kit


The ApHogee Hair Strengthening Kit is a convenient way to help stop hair breakage for weeks and to prepare hair for any chemical service. This two-part system strengthens with protein and then softens with moisturizers and emollients. It’s effective on even the most damaged hair, works in minutes and lasts through multiple shampoos. Depending on hair type and care regimen, benefits last 2-3 weeks per application.


*Improves strength and texture.
*Prepares porous hair for color services
*Combats splits and hair loss due to breakage

Will it work for my hair type?
The ApHogee Hair Strengthening system is recommended for :

  • Straight, Wavy, Curly and tightly Coiled hair textures (repairs and strengthens)
  • Fine, Limp hair (Adds body and manageability)
  • Chemically Treated hair (Color*, Bleach, Perms, Relaxers and all other straightening techniques)

Why is it different?
ApHogee pioneered the two-step hair treatment system.

First, apply activated amino acids to repair and strengthen (Bonding is stronger when protein and moisturizers are applied separately).

Next, bath the hair in moisture and seal…for long lasting results.
ApHogee hair strengthening kit requires no dryer and is quick, easy and effective.

How does it work?
Step 1 A new, special blend of Amino Acids rebonds weak spots in the hair’s keratin chains.
Step 2 Moisturizers and emollients soften, seal, add shine and elasticity.

No hair dryer required. Easy to use applicator
Contains 3-4 applications, depending on hair length and thickness

*Use PRIOR to color touch ups. May lift some color products slightly if used on fresh color


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